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Who we work with

At Mama Africa Giftshop, we are proud to work with various NGOs and groups in and around the Kilimanjaro region. Our partners include women's groups, orphanages, street children, and people with disabilities. Through our collaborations, we support these communities by offering a platform to sell their products and promote their talents. We are committed to empowering these groups and promoting sustainable practices in the local area. Shop with us and make a difference in the lives of these amazing individuals!



Masaa Women group by Tatu project

"The MASAA jewelry project is a social business that is dedicated to empowering Maasai women from Msitu wa Tembo and Londoto. Our mission is to support these women in gaining economic independence, increasing their knowledge and skills, and promoting their vibrant culture through the creation and sale of traditional beaded Maasai jewelry. By partnering with the Masaa Women Group, we are able to provide a platform for these talented artisans to showcase their work and reach a broader audience. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and supporting the local community. Visit Masaa Women Group to learn more about our project and shop our beautiful collection of handmade jewelry today!"

Masaa Women Group 


Young Women Empowerment Group

"Team Vista Tanzania is an NGO that operates in the Kalolen/Pasua wards of Moshi, with a mission to break the cycle of poverty, ignorance, and lack of education in the Kaloleni ward and surrounding areas. Our focus is on improving the education, health, and welfare of the most vulnerable children, to help them understand the value of education and how it can change their lives and that of their families. Through our programs, we empower young girls like these to become entrepreneurs. Last year, they completed secondary school and are now learning how to make soap using natural, local ingredients and experimenting with different flavors. We are proud to support these girls on their journey to success, and we are committed to promoting education and sustainable practices in the local area. Join us in making a difference in the lives of these inspiring young women!"

Team Vista



Wakipa and Wauki women group

information from Wakipa and Wauki women group is being updated welcome back soon. 


Pamoja Tunaweza Street Children 

"Pamoja Tunaweza is a street children organization that is dedicated to empowering vulnerable and at-risk youth to reach their full potential as productive members of society. Tanzania has one of the largest youth populations in the world, with many young people facing significant socioeconomic challenges. Poverty is a major factor that drives children and youth to the streets, where they face significant risks and barriers to their development.

Our Street Outreach Program works directly with part-time and full-time street-connected youth, offering arts-based vocational training and life skills development to help them develop practical skills that can facilitate self-sufficiency and a transition off the streets. By providing programming on the streets where they work and live, we make it easier for our students to participate in training and gain the knowledge and tools they need to build a brighter future.

Through our work, we aim to make a positive impact by reducing the number of children and youth on the streets and empowering them to lead fulfilling and productive lives" Pamoja Tunaweza Boys And Girls

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